Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas - from Chantaris

We would just like to wish all of our friends both here and overseas, along with the many visitors to our Blog -


Our very best wishes to each and every one of you.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Spoticat Show -

Well, the weather was kind and we made the trip to Coventry for the Spoticat Show at the weekend. It was lovely to catch up with old friends, have some fun and enjoy the show. There were some fabulous cats, kittens, alters and household pets. Lovely to see some judges we've not seen for a while, and as always, very interesting to hear their comments on the cats - of all breeds.

Adult cat count was high - and we took Cali along as she is such a sweetie and nothing phases her. We didn't expect much, given the count - and are absolutely delighted to say that Cali is now -


We are so very proud of her - her placings in the Finals were fabulous -

Her results -

2nd All Breed - Odette Lamoureux
4th All Breed - Odette Lamoureux
4th All Breed - Tomoko Vlach
5th All Breed - Franceska Gagern
5th All Breed - Tomoko Vlach
9th All Breed - Aline Noel Garel (TICA Judge of the Year)
5th Speciality - Philippa Holmes

We would like to thank the Spoticat Show team for a lovely show - the Christmas show is always lovely.Glad though that we didn't stay in the Show Hotel - but then............that's another story!!! Oh - and the food on the Friday night at the show hall - Fish and Chips for £3.50 - trust me - it was a bargain!!! Thanks to Gill and to Phil - I imagine the 'Chippy' had convulsions when they got the phone order - I think it must have made their night!

Thanks to all our friends - you all know who you are :)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

New Photos of the Hogwarts!

Chantaris Poppy Pomfrey

Chantaris Armando Dippet

Chantaris Horace Slughorn

Chantaris Salazar Slytherin

Chantaris Aurora Sinistra

Well, we have some updated photos of the Hogwarts - never easy to capture - but managed to get some photos the other day. They are growing really well, and are complete little devils. They are having lots and lots of fun, and enjoyed watching the snowflakes as they fell! They are now 9 weeks old - so 'into' everything - and loving every minute of it. They sleep on our bed - and are remarkably content - however Horace likes to waken you in the morning - combing your hair. I think he has ambitions of being a 'Teasy Weasy' hairdresser!

We plan to try and get some 'festive' photos of them - in the next couple of weeks - but in the meantime - here they are .........................

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Ataman - found snow!!!

Well, we have had a huge amount of snow over the past few days - and so Ataman has been most interested to see what 'real' snow is like - He absolutely loved it - and was purring and purring so loudly - We managed to snap some photos - so here he is - 'The Snow Boy'!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Some updates on the Hogwarts!

Well, the kittens are growing and expanding their repertoire of what mischief they can get up to. Its funny to watch their antics and to wonder what they'll do next. They are all very much in favour of sleeping on our bed, and its interesting to suddenly wake up with a furry face purring in your own face. We are having such fun!

We've managed to snap - and I mean literally snap a few shots - as staying still for any length of time is something they aren't keen on - other than when they are asleep.

So - here you are - our photo which shows Horace giving us a right 'ticking off'!!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A 'Double Grand' time at Elsecar!

Well, for the first time - I ventured to a TICA show on my own. Travelling with Cali - to Elsecar, for the Two Day - NaturallyTICA show. It was lovely to be back, not having shown since early April this year.

For Cali, it was strange - as she had no cat company - but we had a nice time in the hotel, and she enjoyed her trip.

We'd like to thank the Show Team, Delsa, Michael and Katherine, plus numerous other helpers. Also, thanks to fellow exhibitors for 'taking the preverbial' and insisting that I was a NEW exhibitor! To the Judges - our thanks, it was nice to see Connie Webb back and also the Hammonds - as its some considerable time since they visited the UK. Robin Sessler and Lisa Dickie are always very informative, and Eduardo Borras is a Judge who likes to have fun.

Cali enjoyed the show, and came home a Double Grand Champion - so we'd like to thank everyone - our Black Silver Spotted girl is now -

Double Grand Champion Musrafy Caledonia Mist of Chantaris.

Kitten update!

Well, no new photos over the weekend, as I was away - and the kittens were in the safe hands of their 'Daddy' David! By the time I came back, they had been introduced to raw beef (they'd already been enjoying rabbit), and were tearing all over the bed! So - now we have 5 hooligans clambering all over - and you are suddenly aware of a small furry face in your face! Its lovely actually - and they are SO funny.

Hopefully we'll have updated photos this coming weekend. I'm not a fan of photography - so leave it to David.

Currently the kittens are under observation - we have a Waiting List - but as usual - if you would like to enquire - please do so via our website.

Monday, 8 November 2010

New photos - 5 weeks old!

Chantaris Salazar Slytherin - 5 weeks old

Chantaris Horace Slughorn - 5 weeks old

Chantaris Aurora Sinistra - 5 weeks old

Chantaris Armando Dippet - 5 weeks old

Chantaris Poppy Pompfrey - 5 weeks old
So here we are - 5 weeks old - and our Mum says that we are 'little monsters'. NEVER!!!

Difficult for us to stay still for long enough to have our photos done - we like to be very naughty - and 'mess around'!!

Poppy was having a 'bad hair day', and we laughed at her............she does that - she messes round SO much - and is very naughty getting into things she ought not to - we think she probably needs some kind of special brush to help that hair! We're all enjoying our solid food, Royal Canin wet and dry and our raw food too! Poppy much prefers her RC Veterinary Weaning - thats her favourite, Armando and Salazar - they don't mind - they prefer wet and raw - Aurora - she likes wet and raw too - and Horace - he's naughty - he prefers raw!

We like the litter trays - they are great fun - OK - we know what they are for - but they are fun to play and dig in too!

So - here we are - 5 weeks................

Friday, 5 November 2010

Our Litter are Named - Chantaris are at Hogwarts!

Well, we didn't manage to get photos over the weekend, but hopefully will do over this coming weekend.

We have now named the litter - and this litter is our Hogwarts 2010 Litter.

We decided on this as the author of Harry Potter is of course J K Rowley and as she is of course Scottish (Edinburgh) - we are not a 'stone's throw' away - and so as our kittens are Scottish - we thought it apt that they become Harry Potter kittens - and so they are named after Hogwarts staff members - and our first Chantaris litter are - we feel - quite 'Magical'.

We've now added their names to their photos.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Chantaris Kittens - 3 weeks old - belated update!

Chantaris Aurora Sinistra
named after the Professor of Astonomy at
Hogwarts. She has her head in the clouds!

Chantaris Salazar Slytherin
Named after the Co-Founder of Hogwarts.
He's bossy!

Chantaris Armando Dippet
Named after a one-time Headmaster of
Hogwarts. He's bossy!

Chantaris Poppy Pomfrey
Named after Hogwarts School Nurse - she's
a true carer!

Chantaris Horace Slughorn
Named after the Potions Professor at Hogwarts.
His name is apt he's a 'hungry' Horace!

Well, the kittens were 3 weeks old on Friday 22 October - and so we have new photos of them. Its difficult to get them to stay still! They are all doing really well - they did have a Vet Health check last week - and the Vet is very happy with all of them and with Darya - who had of course gained a lot of weight prior to the birth - but has kept her condition really well, and is heavier now than she was and is looking pretty good considering she is caring for these 5 hooligans! Right now - weights are between 424 and 550 grams - the smallest two being the girls, but they are still a good size/weight - and we are more than happy with their development.

We are still deciding on names - not easy - but hopefully although they have their little 'nicknames' they will have their 'proper' names very, very soon!

So - here are some photos -

Sunday, 17 October 2010

More Photos ................

Chantaris kittens - 2 weeks old - and Photo Debut!

Well, here they are - 2 weeks old - and their Blog debut - Birth weights were all very similar, 90-98 gr. Now - at 2 weeks old, we have all kittens between 300 and 360 grams. So - we are very happy with their progress, and very proud of Mum, Darya - who has been absolutely fabulous with her babies -

Here they are - will hope to update the photos on a weekly basis - providing we can keep them still for long enough!

Thanks to everyone for their best wishes, its always lovely to hear from ALL of you.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Birth Announcement!!

We would like to announce the birth of our first Chantaris Siberian kittens.5 Kittens, born on Friday October 1 2010. Proud parents - TICA Champion DK Meldgaards Darya Darinja and BG Ataman Sibirela.

We have been getting to know our new arrivals, and watching their progress. We are happy to report that they are all growing well, and the first eyes opened on Friday October 8 2010 - and they all now have their eyes open. Now we begin to see the character!!

We have 4 Solid White kittens and 1 Brown Tabby kitten. They are all under observation. ALL White Kittens will be Hearing Tested, and ALL Chantaris White kittens sold for breeding will have a BAER Hearing Certificate - from the Royal Dick Veterinary Unit.

We will upload photos as soon as possible.

Meantime - you all take care, and have fun!

Monday, 19 July 2010

TICA - RW SGCA Musrafy Altai

Just wanted to post some photos of Altai which were taken last week - He's not the most co-operative of 'models' - but we managed to capture a few shots. Taken in natural light - which there wasn't a lot of - without flash -

Friday, 9 July 2010

Booster time!

Well, we are busy right now - its Booster vaccination time - so Ataman was first yesterday - and he behaved like a real trouper. No fuss - just lolling on the Vets table, being a complete idiot - so laid back - a great patient.

Today - it was Kirov and Altai - well - Kirov just thinks the Vet is for fun - and he loves it. Throws himself all over the table, at the Vet wanting cuddles and just being a soppy lump. Perfect patient. Altai - well he did his routine of being a 'hedgehog' trying to curl up in a ball - however, he managed to be coaxed into a more relaxed position - and again - a good patient.

So - they have had their full health checks and their boosters - and so they can relax!

Next one - Darya - but ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - don't tell her!!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Chantaris Cats - loss.

In the early hours of this morning, our little rescued girl - Heidi (14 yrs) - slept peacefully away. She is now at 'Rainbow Bridge. She had been diagnosed with a tumour - and her kidneys failed. She is 'at peace' - and will be buried later today in the peaceful corner of our garden, beside Louis our Bengal who died so tragically last year age 7 with Lymphoma, and our Viki - who died from a PE - 3 years ago today.

They are now reunited - and will play again - watching over us.

She came to us and weedled her way into our elder sons heart - and today she's broken it. Her companion from the Shelter - Elja - is meowing round the house today - in search of her lifelong friend. Its so sad.

Love Always Heidi


Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Scores are on the Doors!!

Well - the 2009-2010 Show Season is over - and the results are in. Official notification is not yet out - but we have the following results -

Musrafy Caledonia Mist of Chantaris

TICA 2009-2010

45th Best Siberian Kitten Internationally -
7th Best (Tied) Best Siberian Kitten EW Region
Only shown once -
Well done to Cali - our little girl.

TICA Champion Meldgaards Darya Darinja

TICA 2009-2010

79th Best Siberian Adult Internationally -
8th Best Siberian Adult EW Region -
Only shown twice -
OK - you made your mark Darya - well done.

TICA - QGC and SGCA Musrafy Altai

TICA 2009-2010

3rd Best Siberian Alter Internationally -
BEST Siberian Alter EW Region
8th Best All Breed Alter EW Region

Well done Altai - Daddy is VERY proud!
Altai is now a Regional Winner
his 'posh' name will now be

RW QGC and SGCA Musrafy Altai


AliBoos to his Mum!

We have had a wonderful year - and send our warm congratulations to everyone who has shown a Siberian over the 2009-2010 season - especially to our friends both here in the UK and overseas. Its not just about the winning, its about taking part, and being part of the wonderful family which is TICA.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Happy First Birthday - Darya!!

Well, today Darya is celebrating her First Birthday!! We'd like to wish her a very Happy day - and she clearly feels that careering around the house chasing her friends is the 'way to go'.

Its amazing to think that last year at this time she was just born - and that at that time - we'd no idea that we'd have the priviledge of owning this lovely girl.

We wish her a very Happy Birthday -

Friday, 7 May 2010

It's Official!

Well, its official - we have Title Confirmation - and we are very proud of her - having only been in UK now for 8 weeks -


Well done - and enjoy your 'fun in the sun' - where she is lolling around today - happy as can be.

We've got super sunny weather - hopefully its likewise for you - wherever you are.

Have fun!

Sunday, 2 May 2010


Well, its Birthday Boy Kirov - 3 today. He's having a relaxing day - having spent the earlier part of the day in the cat run lying in the sun - but now he needs a sleep - and is curled up on the Catrix.

Its lovely to look back at photos and see how he has developed - and matured - and to be honest - he still seems just like a baby. He's brought us so much happiness and fun - and we wish him a Very Happy Birthday.

His crazy bike photo is back on show again - as its one of the funniest things he's ever done.

I hope everyone has a lovely day.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

End of the Show Season

Well - thats it - the 2009/2010 TICA Show season is over for us here in UK - the shows are all in the past. The new 2010/2011 TICA Show year starts on the 1st of May - with the first show in the UK - on 15/16 May - at Milton Keynes - the Spoticat - 'Bare Bones Show'.

We hope everyone had a wonderful show year - and will carry on forwards and have successes again in the new year.

Our own boy - TICA QUADRUPLE GRAND CHAMPION AND SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION ALTER - MUSRAFY ALTAI - has now retired. We unfortunately missed the last show of the season - due to my being ill. We will confirm later Altai's achievements - which have been many over the past months, since he came back out into the Show Ring on August 1st 2009. He's been a star, and 'Daddy's Boy' has done us very proud.

One piece of news - which was extremely exciting - was on our new girl - Darya - who went to her 2nd Show at Brigg April 10/11. On the Saturday - she was the only Siberian Adult present - but did manage to gain one Final with Adriana Kajon - where she was placed 8th Best Cat from 45 Cats entered. It was amazing, as she is very young, and immature - and has a lot of growing/maturing to do. Adriana said that she was a very good example of the Breed and that she had a 'phenomenal' disposition. Her boning and conformation were excellent. When I spoke with her - she was very excited to have seen her - being odd-eyed - and of course her eyes are of good colour. She feels that she will be an asset to this colourway in the Siberian - and predicts that she will do well. Our girl is therefore now -

TICA CHAMPION MELDGAARDS DARYA DARINJA - We are very proud of her - She is having a break from showing for now - and is currently trying to run riot round the house - in cahoots with Cali - They've become very good friends - and its lovely to see them all having fun.

At Brigg - Cali had her very first Show - and we were thrilled that she had the following results -

1 x BOB
3 x 2nd BOB
3 x 3rd BOB

She Finalled in 2 Rings - and was

4th Best Kitten from 23 in Vickie Shields Ring
7th Best Kitten from 23 in Francine Hicks Ring

So - given that she was the youngest - and needs to develop a fair bit - it was very pleasing to actually come home with a couple of 'buttons' for her Rosette.

Our thanks to the Judges -

We hope to be back out soon - and will keep you a little more updated here on the Blog about what is happening here at Chantaris. I just need to get into the habit of posting!

I've posted a photo of Darya - just woken up - cruel - I know - but couldn't resist!!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Who's 'Da Man'??

So - a quick introduction to our 'boy'................ Photos taken at 9 months of age - before his arrival.

He's a little shy - having only been with us for a few days - but has the most fantastic temperament. He's just a proper lovebug - with the nicest nature, and personality. We'll update photos soon - but right now - just want him to 'chill out' and enjoy his new surroundings.

He will be the future of Chantaris - and we are so delighted to have been able to be allowed the opportunity to have him here.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Here Come the Girls!!! - part one.............

This time I want to introduce to you - our import girl - photos taken at 8 months - she is now 10 months old - and if and when I can get her to sit still for long enough - I'll upload some more photos!

Meldgaards Darya Darinja - from Denmark. Our thanks to Laila and Mads for this stunning girl. It was amazing to meet you - and to finally have Darya with us. What seemed like an eternity - has passed - and she is here in Scotland!

Darya is a Solid White Siberian - with Odd Eyes - a stunning combination - and one which has and will continue to have a great number of admirers.

She brings to the UK a new gene pool - and we hope that we will have babies from her at some point this year.

She has settled very well indeed - and her trip from Denmark whilst long, and tiring hasn't left any lingering effects. She is very 'laid back', beautiful temperament, and we are enjoying watching her explore.

She and Cali are hoping to 'beat up' the Alter Boys - and are already trying to 'Rule the Roost'. I am so pleased to welcome Darya here - and hope that you will love her too.

Here Come the Girls!!! - part two.............

Introducing our beautiful - Black Silver Spotted baby girl -

Musrafy Caledonia Mist of Chantaris - aka Cali -

Our thanks to Maria for allowing us to have Cali - who is the sweetest little girl. She is enjoying her time with Uncle Altai - and has settled really well.

Cali joins us - as we had originally planned to have two girls from Europe - but due to some issues - which were mine - with one of the girls - as she'd not developed as I hoped - I withdrew from that Contract. I must say that I feel my decision was right - and we now have this little girl who is beautiful and will be an asset to us here at Chantaris. The girl in question - has now gone on to a breeding home in France - and I wish her new owners the very best of luck with her and their boy who is the same age - and I'm sure they'll produce some nice babies for them.

We hope you love her as much as we do.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Things are about to change ..............................

Well - the beautiful Spring weather is still with us - and hopefully we will find that Spring has finally 'sprung'.

Here everything is a zany as ever - with the sunshine comes more crazy Siberian behaviour. Still - it makes us laugh - and given the state of the television these days - it makes for a welcome addition to the entertainment in the evenings.

So - very soon the Chantaris household will be changing - and we are looking forward to it with great anticipation. Our plans will hopefully all have reached fruition - and our next stage will start to evolve.

With Spring comes change -

Our website is currently being built - and so check back sometime soon - and we'll have the link to our website - and also any updates.

Meantime have fun in the Spring sun - and to all of you with cats - give them a big hug from the Chantaris cats.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Been so lazy in not posting!

Well, I've been lazy - not posting! We've been to SO many shows - and had so many great results - that I've never really put them into the Blog - as I'm just really happy showing Altai - and having such a great time. Win or lose - the weekend always brings something. We've had the delight of 'running' some cats belonging to friends - including Musrafy Anfissa - who is a 'doll'! Also we've had the lovely experience of 'running' two Ocicats - Salatana Digby an alter and Salatana Edward who was still a kitten - but has now joined the league of the 'big boys'!! Thanks to Lindsey for allowing me the huge pleasure of handling these boys - they are absolutely gorgeous - but no matter how hard I tried - I just didn't ever seem to manage to sneak Edward into my pocket!

We've had a great time over the past show season - with old and new friends - and each show is special - in that we are able to spend time with these people and have fun. We've had some lovely meals in the evening - and you lot who 'hogged' the puddings last time - YOU know who you are!! It was a lovely evening!!

To everyone who is still campaigning until end April - we wish you all the very best of luck - we're always there supporting our friends!

To Alexandrite Akiro - well done 'wee man' on achieving Champion Alter at Leigh Show - your Mum and Dad were very proud of you.

To Corcats Miss American Pie - the cutest little Ragdoll kitten you can imagine - she's absolutely gorgeous - and won many a heart at Leigh. She is set to make her stamp on the show circuit and to Phil and Teresa - her breeder/owners - well done - she's beautiful - and you know that we love you all!

There have been so many beautiful cats shown this year. The Alter section has been super tough - and its a testament to their owners and breeders that these beautiful cats - whilst not being bred from - are still able to grace the show ring - and show how wonderful they are. Stars have been Zendique Sleepless Knights - a stunning Exotic Shorthair, Mystere Making a Splash - a female Persian - who is beautful. Jayazuri Diamond Starlight - beautiful Solo the Bengal - who I personally have a great fondness for - as he reminds me very much of our late Louis. To Salatana Digby - my friend and 'cuddle buddy'. Mabalakat Wolfman Jack - the most amazing Maine Coon - who I've tried to kidnap for about a year and a half - and never managed. Carolmaine General Lee, Elmcoon Dark Night - both Maine Coons - one Red and White the other Black. To Fiordilismo Centerpercento and Lebreton Eclipse - a Red Point Siamese and Foreign Black - and to Corcats Nice One Cyril - the Ragdoll - with 'cattitude', and to Pippastro Majik Flute - Oriental Longhair. Also to Betty - Namrib Beautilicious - she shows us a Birman as she should be - We've had a 'ball' and we've loved every minute - and had wonderful times. Each one of you - and also those who I've not mentioned - you've shown the judges that Alters are true stars - and the quality has shone through throughout this entire show season.

We come to the last 3 shows - and know that soon the year is over. For some - they will come back out - and campaign again next year - for us - Altai will retire - one year for him - as with Kirov - they've given their best - and they've loved and hated parts of it - but above all - they've been our true stars - and for sure - they've made a mark on the Siberian world - For that we have to be grateful - and to have the joy of owning them and being able to see them each and every day - is the BEST feeling -

So - for those who show - we'll see you at the last 3 - and for those who don't - get out there and try it - even if its a Household Pet - its amazing the fun you'll have - as in TICA - its FUN, FELINES AND FABULOUS FELINES!!!

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Well, I've been very lazy in posting - so wanted to apologise - and promise I'll post something up over the next couple of days.

Its been a bit crazy as Kirov has had some issues with cystitis and his bladder - and so its been very stressful - but our Vets have been wonderful - and have treated him with their usual expertise. Poor boy has had a lot to deal with - being hospitalised and then catheterised and anaesthetised and on constant medication. He's been a very brave boy - and accepted everything with his usual placid nature.

We hope that we have him on an 'even keel' for now - but are monitoring him closely of course - Vets are happy with him - Kirov isn't happy with the Urinary Diet - but has decided that the 'Dry' version is edible in small portions.

For anyone who has cats and especially neutered male cats - please, please take care and be vigilant - Cystitis is horrible and causes a lot of pain. It can be tricky to spot - if your cat goes outside - then it can be very hard to see. Just be aware - and if you see any sign of your neuter not going to the littertray properly - then have him checked by the Vet. Cystitis - if left untreated - can cause huge problems - and if the bladder fills full - can lead to kidney problems - and can be fatal.

Its something that we generally don't think about - and I've been paranoid over the past few weeks.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us - and for the huge number of best wishes we've received.

Kirov appreciates them!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Interview with the Vampire

Just had to post this photo of Kirov - he's still looking for work after his retiral - and whilst its winter and practice sessions have been a little curtailed at Knockhill - he thought he might try an audtion for a film career. So - the title of the film was 'Interview with the Vampire' and here is his attempt to secure the leading role.

As an aside - he had been lined up to ride for KawaCATi - however, he's been approached - after several very fast practice sessions by DuCATi - so he's still in negotiations with them both - to find the most suitable team -

I reckon Brad Pitt will be 'miffed' at Kirov for his audtion photo - I mean - he does look so much more appealing than little Brad!!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Big Thaw!

So the snow is finally thawing. It looks strange, as we've had a great blanket of snow in the garden and on the trees etc., and now its all disappearing. The boys have loved watching the snow, being in it - albeit Altai was rolling in it - and so for these Scottish Siberians - they've had a taste of what it might be like in their natural habitat! Timosha found walking in it odd - as having such long 'tufts' on his feet - they were getting all snowy and he took a step, shook a paw, took a step, shook a paw! It may well be a long time before we see such a significant snow fall again - but we can count ourselves fortunate - as there are areas of the UK which have been much more badly affected - and hopefully the thaw will make its way to each and every one of them -

So - we all look forward to things ahead - and 2010 is a new year, and we are looking forward to it with anticipation. Chantaris Cats - the Siberian Alters - will continue to rule the roost - but with Spring will come new challenges - and we look forward to that -

Take care in this weather - and keep warm!!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. We hope that you have a Happy, Healthy and Successful 2010.

For us here at Chantaris - 2010 will be an exciting year - and we hope that you will all keep following us and checking back here often. Your visits make us very happy - and we thank each and every one of you.

All the very Best!