Thursday, 18 February 2010


Well, I've been very lazy in posting - so wanted to apologise - and promise I'll post something up over the next couple of days.

Its been a bit crazy as Kirov has had some issues with cystitis and his bladder - and so its been very stressful - but our Vets have been wonderful - and have treated him with their usual expertise. Poor boy has had a lot to deal with - being hospitalised and then catheterised and anaesthetised and on constant medication. He's been a very brave boy - and accepted everything with his usual placid nature.

We hope that we have him on an 'even keel' for now - but are monitoring him closely of course - Vets are happy with him - Kirov isn't happy with the Urinary Diet - but has decided that the 'Dry' version is edible in small portions.

For anyone who has cats and especially neutered male cats - please, please take care and be vigilant - Cystitis is horrible and causes a lot of pain. It can be tricky to spot - if your cat goes outside - then it can be very hard to see. Just be aware - and if you see any sign of your neuter not going to the littertray properly - then have him checked by the Vet. Cystitis - if left untreated - can cause huge problems - and if the bladder fills full - can lead to kidney problems - and can be fatal.

Its something that we generally don't think about - and I've been paranoid over the past few weeks.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us - and for the huge number of best wishes we've received.

Kirov appreciates them!