Monday, 28 February 2011

Introducing - TICA Supreme Grand Champion Musrafy Caledonia Mist of Chantaris

Well - after one week - we have finallly managed to compose ourselves and we can't tell you how proud we are to announce that Cali has achieved the ultimate goal -


We are absolutely thrilled - and to be honest - it was all very emotional at the NaturallyTICA Show in Elsecar last weekend.The standard of cats was excellent and once again Cali found herself up against 'the big boys' with Fahlberg Blue Diamond there in his glory - the most fabulous persian and a true 'showman'. On Saturday there were 4 Siberian adults - all amazingly in the Traditional Silver/Smoke Division. Cali took Best of Breed in all Rings. On Sunday there were 2 Siberian adults - although unfortunately the other entry was 'pulled' as he was very upset. I hope that he has recovered now - as it was sad to see him clearly unhappy. I was busy 'running' a kitten for Maria - and for one Final - David had taken Cali to the Ring - I was suddenly told by Fiona that Cali was going to get Best Cat - as the 2nd place had been announced and she was the only cat left! I just rushed to the end Ring and was able to see her being presented - and burst into tears. Thank you to Clint Knapp - judging here in the UK for the very first time - and as I told him afterwards - he is welcome back anytime!! To everyone there, in that Ring - to Maria, Diane, Delsa and Phil. Erwin and Katherina, the 3 Maine Coon owners - thank you for your congratulations! They meant a whole lot. To Stef and Claire - thank you - and Claire - sorry to have gotten you a 'tad' wet with tears! The Final although a Speciality Ring - with 24 cats present - had 9 Finalists - including 3 Maine Coon's. There was one Maine Coon girl and Cali - and the rest of the cats were all male. So - to have achieved Best Cat over those boys - is absolutely wonderful - and I just keep thinking about that day - it was surreal - and something which you don't necessarily think will happen.

Cali is now the first Supreme Grand Champion Female Siberian in Western Europe (EW) Region. The first Supreme Grand Champion Female Siberian - Laska Onix Gloria of Musrafy - earned her Title when we were part of Europe North - but there are only two females with this Title in the UK - and its wonderful to have achieved this - after Laska who is Altai's Mum! We are so very proud of our girl - and our heartfelt thanks to Maria Bunina - her breeder - for allowing us the priviledge of owning Cali and for the happiness she brings us each day - She's an uncomplicated cat who is 'laid back' and placid - and a joy to own.

Although we are in Scotland and as such - have Isolated Status with TICA - Cali has Supremed with more points than she requires to Supreme in Non-Isolated Status - i.e., she could live anywhere - and would still be Supreme. I think that is important to point out - as I know that many are unhappy with the split of the UK - as I myself are. Unfortunately - we must abide by the Rules of TICA - but we are thrilled her points totals for the 4 Shows she has been at - enable her to have the points required anywhere in the world.

At 16 months old - we couldn't have asked for more - and in truth - she has given us more than we'd ever thought possible.

Congratulations Cali - you are a star!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

White Glory

Photo of Poppy - first thing on Sunday morning - watching exhibitors arrive!

Well, belatedly we wanted to update you with our exploits with the White babies at the Newbury Show. YES - we decided to 'bite the bullet' and enter them - and so Poppy, Armando and Salazar duly travelled with Cali to Newbury. They were amazingly good in the car on the journey - but having plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the passing scenery seemed to help. They loved the hotel, and were totally cool, calm and collected after the journey.

So to the show - Saturday morning - arrived early for Vetting In. No problem - and thank you to Karen the Vet for her lovely handling of the kittens and Cali.

We found there was another White Siberian kitten entered, a Brown Classic tabby and also a Blue Mackerel Tabby - such a pretty colour! So - we hoped that the showing experience would be good and that they wouldn't be too stressed or upset. Well - Salazar was an absolute idiot - meowing and crying - and wanting to get down on the floor in the Judges Ring - just to get off and play. Armando was a little more relaxed and amendable - and Poppy was just Poppy - doing what the Judge wanted and looking at the Judge and trying to 'curry' favour! Then when back into the 'holding' pen - she would sit and look and stare at the Judge and lift one paw as if to say 'pick me'.

We had a really nice weekend, and the kittens results are as follows -

Poppy - 2 x Best of Breed and 1 All Breed Final
Armando - 4 x Best of Breed and 2 Speciality Finals

Salazar - Dunce's Cap - but a prize for being the loudest Siberian at the Show!!

Right now - we've no plans to show them - but as with everything - plans can change.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cali - never ceases to amaze us.

Well, we took the long trip to Newbury last weekend to the Cattica show. It was lovely to be there once again - as I missed it last year, even though David managed to go with Altai. Great to see old friends, and make some new ones along the way. We had a lovely 3 night stay in the Hilton - and thank the Club very much for negotiating (as usual) a wonderful rate!

Cali - did us proud - finalling in 9 out of the 12 Rings. Amazing - given the quality of the cats being shown right now. Some gorgeous persians and especially Fahlberg Blue Diamond of Riascatz (Marie Hill) - the most wonderful cat! Some stunning Maine Coon, Exotics and Bengals of course. Not forgetting Gracie - who we'd not seen in a while - a most gorgeous Turkish Van. Way to go Gracie - Supreme Grand!!

Our thanks to Cali's judges, for their care in handling, and for allowing her into their Finals.

A quick snap of Cali - first thing Sunday morning - hall pretty much empty - with the exhibitors starting to arrive and Cali wondering what on earth she is doing there - out of bed - ungroomed (as yet) and not exactly 'raring to go'...........