Friday, 26 March 2010

Who's 'Da Man'??

So - a quick introduction to our 'boy'................ Photos taken at 9 months of age - before his arrival.

He's a little shy - having only been with us for a few days - but has the most fantastic temperament. He's just a proper lovebug - with the nicest nature, and personality. We'll update photos soon - but right now - just want him to 'chill out' and enjoy his new surroundings.

He will be the future of Chantaris - and we are so delighted to have been able to be allowed the opportunity to have him here.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Here Come the Girls!!! - part one.............

This time I want to introduce to you - our import girl - photos taken at 8 months - she is now 10 months old - and if and when I can get her to sit still for long enough - I'll upload some more photos!

Meldgaards Darya Darinja - from Denmark. Our thanks to Laila and Mads for this stunning girl. It was amazing to meet you - and to finally have Darya with us. What seemed like an eternity - has passed - and she is here in Scotland!

Darya is a Solid White Siberian - with Odd Eyes - a stunning combination - and one which has and will continue to have a great number of admirers.

She brings to the UK a new gene pool - and we hope that we will have babies from her at some point this year.

She has settled very well indeed - and her trip from Denmark whilst long, and tiring hasn't left any lingering effects. She is very 'laid back', beautiful temperament, and we are enjoying watching her explore.

She and Cali are hoping to 'beat up' the Alter Boys - and are already trying to 'Rule the Roost'. I am so pleased to welcome Darya here - and hope that you will love her too.

Here Come the Girls!!! - part two.............

Introducing our beautiful - Black Silver Spotted baby girl -

Musrafy Caledonia Mist of Chantaris - aka Cali -

Our thanks to Maria for allowing us to have Cali - who is the sweetest little girl. She is enjoying her time with Uncle Altai - and has settled really well.

Cali joins us - as we had originally planned to have two girls from Europe - but due to some issues - which were mine - with one of the girls - as she'd not developed as I hoped - I withdrew from that Contract. I must say that I feel my decision was right - and we now have this little girl who is beautiful and will be an asset to us here at Chantaris. The girl in question - has now gone on to a breeding home in France - and I wish her new owners the very best of luck with her and their boy who is the same age - and I'm sure they'll produce some nice babies for them.

We hope you love her as much as we do.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Things are about to change ..............................

Well - the beautiful Spring weather is still with us - and hopefully we will find that Spring has finally 'sprung'.

Here everything is a zany as ever - with the sunshine comes more crazy Siberian behaviour. Still - it makes us laugh - and given the state of the television these days - it makes for a welcome addition to the entertainment in the evenings.

So - very soon the Chantaris household will be changing - and we are looking forward to it with great anticipation. Our plans will hopefully all have reached fruition - and our next stage will start to evolve.

With Spring comes change -

Our website is currently being built - and so check back sometime soon - and we'll have the link to our website - and also any updates.

Meantime have fun in the Spring sun - and to all of you with cats - give them a big hug from the Chantaris cats.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Been so lazy in not posting!

Well, I've been lazy - not posting! We've been to SO many shows - and had so many great results - that I've never really put them into the Blog - as I'm just really happy showing Altai - and having such a great time. Win or lose - the weekend always brings something. We've had the delight of 'running' some cats belonging to friends - including Musrafy Anfissa - who is a 'doll'! Also we've had the lovely experience of 'running' two Ocicats - Salatana Digby an alter and Salatana Edward who was still a kitten - but has now joined the league of the 'big boys'!! Thanks to Lindsey for allowing me the huge pleasure of handling these boys - they are absolutely gorgeous - but no matter how hard I tried - I just didn't ever seem to manage to sneak Edward into my pocket!

We've had a great time over the past show season - with old and new friends - and each show is special - in that we are able to spend time with these people and have fun. We've had some lovely meals in the evening - and you lot who 'hogged' the puddings last time - YOU know who you are!! It was a lovely evening!!

To everyone who is still campaigning until end April - we wish you all the very best of luck - we're always there supporting our friends!

To Alexandrite Akiro - well done 'wee man' on achieving Champion Alter at Leigh Show - your Mum and Dad were very proud of you.

To Corcats Miss American Pie - the cutest little Ragdoll kitten you can imagine - she's absolutely gorgeous - and won many a heart at Leigh. She is set to make her stamp on the show circuit and to Phil and Teresa - her breeder/owners - well done - she's beautiful - and you know that we love you all!

There have been so many beautiful cats shown this year. The Alter section has been super tough - and its a testament to their owners and breeders that these beautiful cats - whilst not being bred from - are still able to grace the show ring - and show how wonderful they are. Stars have been Zendique Sleepless Knights - a stunning Exotic Shorthair, Mystere Making a Splash - a female Persian - who is beautful. Jayazuri Diamond Starlight - beautiful Solo the Bengal - who I personally have a great fondness for - as he reminds me very much of our late Louis. To Salatana Digby - my friend and 'cuddle buddy'. Mabalakat Wolfman Jack - the most amazing Maine Coon - who I've tried to kidnap for about a year and a half - and never managed. Carolmaine General Lee, Elmcoon Dark Night - both Maine Coons - one Red and White the other Black. To Fiordilismo Centerpercento and Lebreton Eclipse - a Red Point Siamese and Foreign Black - and to Corcats Nice One Cyril - the Ragdoll - with 'cattitude', and to Pippastro Majik Flute - Oriental Longhair. Also to Betty - Namrib Beautilicious - she shows us a Birman as she should be - We've had a 'ball' and we've loved every minute - and had wonderful times. Each one of you - and also those who I've not mentioned - you've shown the judges that Alters are true stars - and the quality has shone through throughout this entire show season.

We come to the last 3 shows - and know that soon the year is over. For some - they will come back out - and campaign again next year - for us - Altai will retire - one year for him - as with Kirov - they've given their best - and they've loved and hated parts of it - but above all - they've been our true stars - and for sure - they've made a mark on the Siberian world - For that we have to be grateful - and to have the joy of owning them and being able to see them each and every day - is the BEST feeling -

So - for those who show - we'll see you at the last 3 - and for those who don't - get out there and try it - even if its a Household Pet - its amazing the fun you'll have - as in TICA - its FUN, FELINES AND FABULOUS FELINES!!!