Wednesday, 28 April 2010

End of the Show Season

Well - thats it - the 2009/2010 TICA Show season is over for us here in UK - the shows are all in the past. The new 2010/2011 TICA Show year starts on the 1st of May - with the first show in the UK - on 15/16 May - at Milton Keynes - the Spoticat - 'Bare Bones Show'.

We hope everyone had a wonderful show year - and will carry on forwards and have successes again in the new year.

Our own boy - TICA QUADRUPLE GRAND CHAMPION AND SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION ALTER - MUSRAFY ALTAI - has now retired. We unfortunately missed the last show of the season - due to my being ill. We will confirm later Altai's achievements - which have been many over the past months, since he came back out into the Show Ring on August 1st 2009. He's been a star, and 'Daddy's Boy' has done us very proud.

One piece of news - which was extremely exciting - was on our new girl - Darya - who went to her 2nd Show at Brigg April 10/11. On the Saturday - she was the only Siberian Adult present - but did manage to gain one Final with Adriana Kajon - where she was placed 8th Best Cat from 45 Cats entered. It was amazing, as she is very young, and immature - and has a lot of growing/maturing to do. Adriana said that she was a very good example of the Breed and that she had a 'phenomenal' disposition. Her boning and conformation were excellent. When I spoke with her - she was very excited to have seen her - being odd-eyed - and of course her eyes are of good colour. She feels that she will be an asset to this colourway in the Siberian - and predicts that she will do well. Our girl is therefore now -

TICA CHAMPION MELDGAARDS DARYA DARINJA - We are very proud of her - She is having a break from showing for now - and is currently trying to run riot round the house - in cahoots with Cali - They've become very good friends - and its lovely to see them all having fun.

At Brigg - Cali had her very first Show - and we were thrilled that she had the following results -

1 x BOB
3 x 2nd BOB
3 x 3rd BOB

She Finalled in 2 Rings - and was

4th Best Kitten from 23 in Vickie Shields Ring
7th Best Kitten from 23 in Francine Hicks Ring

So - given that she was the youngest - and needs to develop a fair bit - it was very pleasing to actually come home with a couple of 'buttons' for her Rosette.

Our thanks to the Judges -

We hope to be back out soon - and will keep you a little more updated here on the Blog about what is happening here at Chantaris. I just need to get into the habit of posting!

I've posted a photo of Darya - just woken up - cruel - I know - but couldn't resist!!