Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas - from Chantaris

We would just like to wish all of our friends both here and overseas, along with the many visitors to our Blog -


Our very best wishes to each and every one of you.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Spoticat Show -

Well, the weather was kind and we made the trip to Coventry for the Spoticat Show at the weekend. It was lovely to catch up with old friends, have some fun and enjoy the show. There were some fabulous cats, kittens, alters and household pets. Lovely to see some judges we've not seen for a while, and as always, very interesting to hear their comments on the cats - of all breeds.

Adult cat count was high - and we took Cali along as she is such a sweetie and nothing phases her. We didn't expect much, given the count - and are absolutely delighted to say that Cali is now -


We are so very proud of her - her placings in the Finals were fabulous -

Her results -

2nd All Breed - Odette Lamoureux
4th All Breed - Odette Lamoureux
4th All Breed - Tomoko Vlach
5th All Breed - Franceska Gagern
5th All Breed - Tomoko Vlach
9th All Breed - Aline Noel Garel (TICA Judge of the Year)
5th Speciality - Philippa Holmes

We would like to thank the Spoticat Show team for a lovely show - the Christmas show is always lovely.Glad though that we didn't stay in the Show Hotel - but then............that's another story!!! Oh - and the food on the Friday night at the show hall - Fish and Chips for £3.50 - trust me - it was a bargain!!! Thanks to Gill and to Phil - I imagine the 'Chippy' had convulsions when they got the phone order - I think it must have made their night!

Thanks to all our friends - you all know who you are :)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

New Photos of the Hogwarts!

Chantaris Poppy Pomfrey

Chantaris Armando Dippet

Chantaris Horace Slughorn

Chantaris Salazar Slytherin

Chantaris Aurora Sinistra

Well, we have some updated photos of the Hogwarts - never easy to capture - but managed to get some photos the other day. They are growing really well, and are complete little devils. They are having lots and lots of fun, and enjoyed watching the snowflakes as they fell! They are now 9 weeks old - so 'into' everything - and loving every minute of it. They sleep on our bed - and are remarkably content - however Horace likes to waken you in the morning - combing your hair. I think he has ambitions of being a 'Teasy Weasy' hairdresser!

We plan to try and get some 'festive' photos of them - in the next couple of weeks - but in the meantime - here they are .........................

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Ataman - found snow!!!

Well, we have had a huge amount of snow over the past few days - and so Ataman has been most interested to see what 'real' snow is like - He absolutely loved it - and was purring and purring so loudly - We managed to snap some photos - so here he is - 'The Snow Boy'!