Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Snow Boys!!

Merry Christmas

All of us at Chantaris - hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas - and would like to wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


So Altai was shown as an 'entire' and achieved TICA Quadruple Grand Champion. We neutered him later than planned but after a slight faux pas with him spraying against the washing machine! We decided it was time for him to be neutered.

We brought him out as an alter in August - and reverted all points with TICA to zero. He did so very well, and his first show was August 1st at Ponteland, went to Bracknell 2 weeks later and then to Brigg 2 weeks after that. He made TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter at the Brigg Show - way to go Altai! We are of course in Isolated status - as we live in Scotland - but even given that - and the fact we require less points - his points total was enough to have Supremed in a non-isolated area.

We are extremely proud of him - and he is continuing his winning ways at shows - and has a really nice 'fan club'!!

We'd like to thank everyone for their kindness and friendship - it means a great deal to us.

TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Musrafy Altai -
TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter Musrafy Altai - the only Siberian in UK with a 'double' title - with ALL titles through to, and including Quad as Entire, and ALL titles through to, and including Supreme as Alter.

Altai was also awarded TICA EN Regional Best Black/Silver Spotted Siberian - Colour Award 2008/2009 and TICA International Best Black/Silver Spotted Siberian - Colour Award 2008/2009.

Entire Cats are awarded Colour awards - but unfortunately - Alters are not.

Well - we finally received it!

After the most wonderful show season - last year - we finally picked up our Awards on Saturday night. The Awards Banquet was great, and a very enjoyable evening. Our gorgeous TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter Musrafy Kirov now has his Regional Winner plaque which is really beautiful and we would like to thank Europe North Region for this lovely keepsake. For those who don't know - Kirov attained the following during his show career - which he started 21/22 June 2008 and ended in March 2009.

TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter - 2nd Supreme Grand Champion Alter in the UK - the other (at the time) being Supreme Grand Champion Alexandrite Azazael (Grumpy) - who is also Kirov's half-brother.

Best Siberian Alter - TICA Europe North Region.

17th Best All Breed Alter - TICA Europe North Region.

4th Best Siberian Alter - TICA Worldwide.

His posh name is now RW SGCA Musrafy Kirov!

We are so very proud of him!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Our Cat Chalets - we can get outside!!

So - we really wanted to have fresh air - so Mum said that it wasn't a good idea for us to roam free - and so check this out - she got us Cat Chalets and runs - and they are brilliant. We are having the BEST time. We've only been out a few times - you'll see the photo - just installed - and its rained forever since. The draining is still to go in for the pathway - and so its a bit of a mud walk to get there right now - but its SO worth it. We can watch those squirrels and birds so much more closely - and its nice to have the fresh air. We've lots of room - and our units can be split into individual, doubles, triples or we can just have the run of the whole thing - We've got climbers to come - and some outer shelving - Mum says she might put up some Christmas lights - but only if we promise to be good!

We'll keep you updated on our exploits - and let you see the ongoing work!

Timosha x

Thursday, 15 October 2009

So what does a Retired Show Cat do now?

So - what does a Retired Show cat do now? Well - Kirov has been thinking about it for ages now - and he's recently come to a huge decision - As you'll see - he's decided that he will now embark upon a career in British Superbikes.

He's been along at Knockhill Racing Circuit having a few practice laps and his intention is that next season - he's going to be racing for the KawaCATI team. I'm sure you'll agree that he looks like he 'belongs' on his bike. The issue of the crash helmet is still under discussion -

Hopefully he'll get some practice in over the winter - and plans on trying the 'skid pan' in an effort to get as professional as possible before the start of the season.

I'm sure you'll all agree - its a dangerous choice - but I'm sure that he'll give it his 'best shot'.


So Timosha had his first Adult Show as an Alter - back at the beginning of August - in Ponteland. So he managed to fathom out that hotel life was - just as he'd remembered it - and enjoyed his two night stay in the Novotel - even though it was a One Day Show.

Thanks to all of the Judges - and to Eduardo Borras - who gave him a Final - and that meant that Timosha became .................... fanfare


Way to go Timosha - and this win is dedicated to his friend Louis - whom he had great fun with for 6 months - and it wasn't long enough.

Congratulations Timosha - you are a little Star!!!

Long time - no posts

Hi - its a long time since I've posted. Its been tough having lost Louis - but he's around the house for sure. We've a lot of news - so I need to update the Blog - so bear with me -

Right now - Timosha has decided to take over Louis role of 'tormenting Elja'. He has decided that like Louis - he finds Elja's tail very very tempting. She waves it round and he just has to jump at it. Its quite hilarious - as he's a little tubby - and so he isn't the most delicate of athletes.

Elja is now resigned to the fact that he is her new pursuer - and makes some complaining noises - but being the fantastic girl she is - she just lets him get on with it.

As they say - 'discretion is the better part of valour'.

Well done Elja -

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Our Quiet Home

Well our home is much quieter these days. No Bengal noises - which is very sad. I find myself looking for Louis where he used to lie/sleep, and sometimes I'm sure I see him or hear him.

Elja - our black and white moggy is missing him for sure. He used to torment her with great relish - and she would run and hide - and it would give her her daily exercise. She doesn't have that now - and she really needs to do some - she is getting a little 'tubby'.

We all miss our Louis greatly - but each day there is a comfort in knowing that he is with us here in our garden, enjoying the sunshine which we've had - and which - in life he loved so very much.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Louis is Home

Well, Louis came home yesterday afternoon, and last evening, we buried him in the garden, next to a Lilac tree. He is close to his old friend Viki - who died two years ago - aged 14. He was my moggy boy - and so they are now re-united. Viki has a stone flagstone and a wise owl watching over him. I'm going to choose a flagstone for Louis and a 'watcher' for him.

It was the brightest sunshine this morning - and the sun was shining right on that spot - and I thought - yes, thats where Louis would be right now - lolling in the sunshine. So we've had our conversations today - and I feel calmer now that he is home. Its where he knew, and where he belongs. He can see us, and we can see him - and he seemed so peaceful and comfortable when I saw him. The Royal Dick Vet staff were fantastic, they looked after him so well, both before he left us and after. I can't ever thank them enough.

He was a true star - and now there is an extra one up there in the sky -

For Louis - with love -

When God turns out the lights at night,
He looks down to make sure,
That we have enough light until morning,
But sometimes we need more.

So he adds another star or two,
From his little store,
And when they need replacing,
He reaches down for more.

The stars are all his animals,
He’s taken from below,
He doesn’t tell us which are ours,
We never ever know.

So if you have the chance tonight,
No matter where you are,
Take a look at the beautiful sky,
Its got a brand new star.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Louis the Bengal - 22.01.2002 - 14.07.2009

Louis the Bengal - had a bad reaction to his Annual Booster on Friday July 3 2009. He became ill late on the Sunday - high temperature and very lethargic. He was taken to the Vet Monday July 6 2009 and we began a course of treatment. On Friday July 10 they heard a heart murmur which hadn't been present before - and so hospitalised him and did a heart scan - had the Cardiologist visit. They then did an X-ray. They found a 'mass' in his chest - which had obviously compromised his immune system.

Louis went to the Royal Dick Vet College today - Feline Centre - which is fabulous. Within an hour of my leaving him - he was having an ultrasound and the 'mass' aspirated. It appeared to be Lymphoma.

There was the possibility of Chemo - however, his bone marrow had basically all gone, he had no neurofils left, his red blood cells were at 11.5 and he had no platelets. He had a temperature of 104.9 and was basically - later this afternoon thought to be in septic shock - or bordering on it. Due to the fact he had no platelets, there was a high possibility that with any needle he could have a huge 'bleed'.

Three Professors looked at him, his case notes and thought that whilst Chemo was a possibility - given the condition Louis was in - the fact that he had no defences at all - it would - in all probability - not work - or would turn out badly. They did however, offer the possibility - albeit it couldn't start until tomorrow - because of his veins - and there was a high possibility that he might not actually survive the next 24 hours.

Given everything - and the prognosis - possibly 7 - 9 months if Chemo were successful - and given that he was so compromised his chances of the Chemo being successful were not high - I made the decision to have him put to sleep. It is the hardest thing I've had to do in my life. My 18 year old son is devastated and has wept inconsolably since we had the family discussion. We were all agreed that we must do the right thing for Louis - and give him peace. The College said he was in some discomfort and had given him pain relief - I am sure that we have made the right choice for our boy - and the memories we have of him will last forever. He gave us much joy - and now he will give joy to those who meet him in the next world. He'll be waiting at Rainbow Bridge -

He comes home tomorrow - to be buried under a large tree in the garden - where we can watch him and he can watch over the things he loved - the birds, the squirrels and butterflies.


Monday, 18 May 2009

We're Lazy

So - we've been lazy. Just lolling around - and checking out the wildlife. Today is really horrible, wet and windy - nothing else for it - we'll just sleep - and then later we'll get up - and have a meal - and then probably have a mad session - Then we'll nap, eat some more - and then at 10 p.m., well we always go crazy at that time - its our Fun Time. Mum can set her watch by us!

She says she's going to load up some more photos this week.

Come back again, and visit us - we love to know you are there,

The Three Amigos - aka Kirov, Altai and Timosha xxx

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Glorious Weather

Well, its Thursday - and another fantastic sunny day. The whole week has been gorgeous - and the cats are enjoying the sunshine. Lolling at the patio doors taking in 'the rays'. What a life - they eat, they sleep, they go to the loo (don't tell anyone - they think thats a secret!), they play.........then they start all over again.

Right now they are watching the squirrels in the garden bouncing round and burying nuts. We have a water dish out on the patio and they come up and have a drink. The cats go NUTS! Squirrels sit there - and its like 'nah, nah - you can't get us'..........its really funny. The patio doors are like a big TV screen for the cats - the squirrels and the varying array of birds - including Thrush, Blackbirds, Starlings, and the usual ensemble. We also have visiting Woodpeckers, a Sparrowhawk and a Peregrine Falcon. I expect we'll see more of the latter two soon - given the number of fledglings which we can hear in all the trees and which will no doubt be making their appearances soon. Thats the worst thing - the predators can grab a fledgling - its sad - but I suppose its nature.

So right now - I've Kirov and Timosha on the Catrix at the patio doors - snoozing, and Altai is 'killing' a large white playmouse. Louis the Bengal is dozing by the Tumble Dryer - which is on (so its nice and cosy) and Elja and Heidi are in the sunshine in my daughters room - basking.

Its a hard life.......................

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


The baby of the Siberians - Timosha - at 8 months is doing very well -


This is Altai - stunning boy - with a great personality.


This is Kirov as a kitten - how could you resist? Fabulous Red!

Welcome - my Chantaris Cat Blog has arrived!

Many thanks for 'touching base'. I hope to keep my Blog updated with information about my Chantaris cats - and anything else which is connected to them.

Chantaris cats are....................

Heidi - rescued ex feral - cream and white spayed female
Elja - rescued - black and white spayed female

Louis - Snow Leopard Spotted Bengal male neuter

Kirov - Red Mackerel Tabby Siberian male neuter
Altai - Black Silver Spotted Siberian male neuter
Timosha - Black Gold Shaded Siberian male neuter

Together - they rule our home.