Thursday, 25 November 2010

Some updates on the Hogwarts!

Well, the kittens are growing and expanding their repertoire of what mischief they can get up to. Its funny to watch their antics and to wonder what they'll do next. They are all very much in favour of sleeping on our bed, and its interesting to suddenly wake up with a furry face purring in your own face. We are having such fun!

We've managed to snap - and I mean literally snap a few shots - as staying still for any length of time is something they aren't keen on - other than when they are asleep.

So - here you are - our photo which shows Horace giving us a right 'ticking off'!!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A 'Double Grand' time at Elsecar!

Well, for the first time - I ventured to a TICA show on my own. Travelling with Cali - to Elsecar, for the Two Day - NaturallyTICA show. It was lovely to be back, not having shown since early April this year.

For Cali, it was strange - as she had no cat company - but we had a nice time in the hotel, and she enjoyed her trip.

We'd like to thank the Show Team, Delsa, Michael and Katherine, plus numerous other helpers. Also, thanks to fellow exhibitors for 'taking the preverbial' and insisting that I was a NEW exhibitor! To the Judges - our thanks, it was nice to see Connie Webb back and also the Hammonds - as its some considerable time since they visited the UK. Robin Sessler and Lisa Dickie are always very informative, and Eduardo Borras is a Judge who likes to have fun.

Cali enjoyed the show, and came home a Double Grand Champion - so we'd like to thank everyone - our Black Silver Spotted girl is now -

Double Grand Champion Musrafy Caledonia Mist of Chantaris.

Kitten update!

Well, no new photos over the weekend, as I was away - and the kittens were in the safe hands of their 'Daddy' David! By the time I came back, they had been introduced to raw beef (they'd already been enjoying rabbit), and were tearing all over the bed! So - now we have 5 hooligans clambering all over - and you are suddenly aware of a small furry face in your face! Its lovely actually - and they are SO funny.

Hopefully we'll have updated photos this coming weekend. I'm not a fan of photography - so leave it to David.

Currently the kittens are under observation - we have a Waiting List - but as usual - if you would like to enquire - please do so via our website.

Monday, 8 November 2010

New photos - 5 weeks old!

Chantaris Salazar Slytherin - 5 weeks old

Chantaris Horace Slughorn - 5 weeks old

Chantaris Aurora Sinistra - 5 weeks old

Chantaris Armando Dippet - 5 weeks old

Chantaris Poppy Pompfrey - 5 weeks old
So here we are - 5 weeks old - and our Mum says that we are 'little monsters'. NEVER!!!

Difficult for us to stay still for long enough to have our photos done - we like to be very naughty - and 'mess around'!!

Poppy was having a 'bad hair day', and we laughed at her............she does that - she messes round SO much - and is very naughty getting into things she ought not to - we think she probably needs some kind of special brush to help that hair! We're all enjoying our solid food, Royal Canin wet and dry and our raw food too! Poppy much prefers her RC Veterinary Weaning - thats her favourite, Armando and Salazar - they don't mind - they prefer wet and raw - Aurora - she likes wet and raw too - and Horace - he's naughty - he prefers raw!

We like the litter trays - they are great fun - OK - we know what they are for - but they are fun to play and dig in too!

So - here we are - 5 weeks................

Friday, 5 November 2010

Our Litter are Named - Chantaris are at Hogwarts!

Well, we didn't manage to get photos over the weekend, but hopefully will do over this coming weekend.

We have now named the litter - and this litter is our Hogwarts 2010 Litter.

We decided on this as the author of Harry Potter is of course J K Rowley and as she is of course Scottish (Edinburgh) - we are not a 'stone's throw' away - and so as our kittens are Scottish - we thought it apt that they become Harry Potter kittens - and so they are named after Hogwarts staff members - and our first Chantaris litter are - we feel - quite 'Magical'.

We've now added their names to their photos.