Thursday, 17 November 2011

End before the beginning

Neva's Legend Obolensky (Lenya) thats me! - would like to announce that he has today been neutered - I'm a little confused right now - and feel a little lighter in weight for some reason - but Mum says that it is for the best - and that I will enjoy the life I deserve at Chantaris as a very pampered puss. It apparently means that Chantaris have some changes in plans - but that really doesn't mean much to me - and really I'm not that fussed, providing I get sufficient quantities of rabbit and chicks, my favourite treats - and lots of cuddles.

Scotland has even begun to grow on me - the language I am getting used to - and I hope it snows - as I really want to feel what that is like 'underpaw'.

So keep following our Blog - and my Mum will update you with all that is new - and even all that is old (that's her!!) -


Lenya xx