Thursday, 14 May 2009

Glorious Weather

Well, its Thursday - and another fantastic sunny day. The whole week has been gorgeous - and the cats are enjoying the sunshine. Lolling at the patio doors taking in 'the rays'. What a life - they eat, they sleep, they go to the loo (don't tell anyone - they think thats a secret!), they play.........then they start all over again.

Right now they are watching the squirrels in the garden bouncing round and burying nuts. We have a water dish out on the patio and they come up and have a drink. The cats go NUTS! Squirrels sit there - and its like 'nah, nah - you can't get us'..........its really funny. The patio doors are like a big TV screen for the cats - the squirrels and the varying array of birds - including Thrush, Blackbirds, Starlings, and the usual ensemble. We also have visiting Woodpeckers, a Sparrowhawk and a Peregrine Falcon. I expect we'll see more of the latter two soon - given the number of fledglings which we can hear in all the trees and which will no doubt be making their appearances soon. Thats the worst thing - the predators can grab a fledgling - its sad - but I suppose its nature.

So right now - I've Kirov and Timosha on the Catrix at the patio doors - snoozing, and Altai is 'killing' a large white playmouse. Louis the Bengal is dozing by the Tumble Dryer - which is on (so its nice and cosy) and Elja and Heidi are in the sunshine in my daughters room - basking.

Its a hard life.......................

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