Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Welcome - my Chantaris Cat Blog has arrived!

Many thanks for 'touching base'. I hope to keep my Blog updated with information about my Chantaris cats - and anything else which is connected to them.

Chantaris cats are....................

Heidi - rescued ex feral - cream and white spayed female
Elja - rescued - black and white spayed female

Louis - Snow Leopard Spotted Bengal male neuter

Kirov - Red Mackerel Tabby Siberian male neuter
Altai - Black Silver Spotted Siberian male neuter
Timosha - Black Gold Shaded Siberian male neuter

Together - they rule our home.


  1. What a wonderful Post, I can't wait to hear and see their antic's. Congratulations my dear friend.

  2. Thank you Coralie - its lovely to have you here. Goodness knows what they will get up to - they are webstars - so anything is possible!!

  3. Oh my goodness Lescoy -- they're gorgeous, adorable show kitties! Thanks for showing them off!

  4. Love all your furry babies! they are so gorgeous. Thank you for posting their pictures.

  5. Do you have 6 cats? Wow! One dog and one cat and my house feels like a zoo.