Thursday, 16 July 2009

Louis is Home

Well, Louis came home yesterday afternoon, and last evening, we buried him in the garden, next to a Lilac tree. He is close to his old friend Viki - who died two years ago - aged 14. He was my moggy boy - and so they are now re-united. Viki has a stone flagstone and a wise owl watching over him. I'm going to choose a flagstone for Louis and a 'watcher' for him.

It was the brightest sunshine this morning - and the sun was shining right on that spot - and I thought - yes, thats where Louis would be right now - lolling in the sunshine. So we've had our conversations today - and I feel calmer now that he is home. Its where he knew, and where he belongs. He can see us, and we can see him - and he seemed so peaceful and comfortable when I saw him. The Royal Dick Vet staff were fantastic, they looked after him so well, both before he left us and after. I can't ever thank them enough.

He was a true star - and now there is an extra one up there in the sky -

For Louis - with love -

When God turns out the lights at night,
He looks down to make sure,
That we have enough light until morning,
But sometimes we need more.

So he adds another star or two,
From his little store,
And when they need replacing,
He reaches down for more.

The stars are all his animals,
He’s taken from below,
He doesn’t tell us which are ours,
We never ever know.

So if you have the chance tonight,
No matter where you are,
Take a look at the beautiful sky,
Its got a brand new star.


  1. Hi Lesley
    I am so sorry for your loss, and I understand how you are feeling. This is how we lost our dear Kahlan.
    No words can help you but we are all thinking of you here
    Take care
    Jo & Andy and our furry ones xx

  2. Jo & Andy - so nice of you to post - and I remembered your Kahlan when I found out it was Lymphoma.

    It has hit Matthew very hard - and that for me has been terribly hard to watch - to see my 18 year old son so devastated.

    I think Louis being back here is helping - he can talk to him - and he does.

    Take care - and cuddles to all the Alexandrite gang xx

  3. Hello
    I know we are not acquainted, but was moved by your sad loss and wanted to let you know we are thinking of you at this terrible time.
    We were both devestated when our beloved Bailey was killed last November in a car accident so are well aware of how painful it is.
    Please tell Matthew that although it may not feel like it, it really does get easier as time goes on, and then you will be left with all the beautiful memories of Louis.
    Take care
    Paul & Micheal

  4. So sorry, Lesley.

    I'm so glad you have him home with you, now, though - that must be very comforting.

    I think we're, just about, getting to the end of the long road with Harry (our Lab) - so I can really empathise with how you and your family must be feeling.

    I really hope Matthew's feeling a bit better, now? It always seems to be especially hard when you're very young, doesn't it?

    I don't know if I ever told you? But my beloved Bichon Frise, Teddy, escaped and was run over when I was Matthew's age and I was utterly devastated.

    Please tell him it does get easier.

    Talk Soon,

    Emma. xxx

  5. Thank you Emma - I do appreciate your kind thoughts - and I have spoken with you about Harry - its so sad.

    We let them into our hearts - and they leave such a large void when they have to leave us. We can only be truly thankful for the time they are with us and the love that we share.