Thursday, 15 October 2009

So what does a Retired Show Cat do now?

So - what does a Retired Show cat do now? Well - Kirov has been thinking about it for ages now - and he's recently come to a huge decision - As you'll see - he's decided that he will now embark upon a career in British Superbikes.

He's been along at Knockhill Racing Circuit having a few practice laps and his intention is that next season - he's going to be racing for the KawaCATI team. I'm sure you'll agree that he looks like he 'belongs' on his bike. The issue of the crash helmet is still under discussion -

Hopefully he'll get some practice in over the winter - and plans on trying the 'skid pan' in an effort to get as professional as possible before the start of the season.

I'm sure you'll all agree - its a dangerous choice - but I'm sure that he'll give it his 'best shot'.

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