Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Big Thaw!

So the snow is finally thawing. It looks strange, as we've had a great blanket of snow in the garden and on the trees etc., and now its all disappearing. The boys have loved watching the snow, being in it - albeit Altai was rolling in it - and so for these Scottish Siberians - they've had a taste of what it might be like in their natural habitat! Timosha found walking in it odd - as having such long 'tufts' on his feet - they were getting all snowy and he took a step, shook a paw, took a step, shook a paw! It may well be a long time before we see such a significant snow fall again - but we can count ourselves fortunate - as there are areas of the UK which have been much more badly affected - and hopefully the thaw will make its way to each and every one of them -

So - we all look forward to things ahead - and 2010 is a new year, and we are looking forward to it with anticipation. Chantaris Cats - the Siberian Alters - will continue to rule the roost - but with Spring will come new challenges - and we look forward to that -

Take care in this weather - and keep warm!!

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