Monday, 15 March 2010

Been so lazy in not posting!

Well, I've been lazy - not posting! We've been to SO many shows - and had so many great results - that I've never really put them into the Blog - as I'm just really happy showing Altai - and having such a great time. Win or lose - the weekend always brings something. We've had the delight of 'running' some cats belonging to friends - including Musrafy Anfissa - who is a 'doll'! Also we've had the lovely experience of 'running' two Ocicats - Salatana Digby an alter and Salatana Edward who was still a kitten - but has now joined the league of the 'big boys'!! Thanks to Lindsey for allowing me the huge pleasure of handling these boys - they are absolutely gorgeous - but no matter how hard I tried - I just didn't ever seem to manage to sneak Edward into my pocket!

We've had a great time over the past show season - with old and new friends - and each show is special - in that we are able to spend time with these people and have fun. We've had some lovely meals in the evening - and you lot who 'hogged' the puddings last time - YOU know who you are!! It was a lovely evening!!

To everyone who is still campaigning until end April - we wish you all the very best of luck - we're always there supporting our friends!

To Alexandrite Akiro - well done 'wee man' on achieving Champion Alter at Leigh Show - your Mum and Dad were very proud of you.

To Corcats Miss American Pie - the cutest little Ragdoll kitten you can imagine - she's absolutely gorgeous - and won many a heart at Leigh. She is set to make her stamp on the show circuit and to Phil and Teresa - her breeder/owners - well done - she's beautiful - and you know that we love you all!

There have been so many beautiful cats shown this year. The Alter section has been super tough - and its a testament to their owners and breeders that these beautiful cats - whilst not being bred from - are still able to grace the show ring - and show how wonderful they are. Stars have been Zendique Sleepless Knights - a stunning Exotic Shorthair, Mystere Making a Splash - a female Persian - who is beautful. Jayazuri Diamond Starlight - beautiful Solo the Bengal - who I personally have a great fondness for - as he reminds me very much of our late Louis. To Salatana Digby - my friend and 'cuddle buddy'. Mabalakat Wolfman Jack - the most amazing Maine Coon - who I've tried to kidnap for about a year and a half - and never managed. Carolmaine General Lee, Elmcoon Dark Night - both Maine Coons - one Red and White the other Black. To Fiordilismo Centerpercento and Lebreton Eclipse - a Red Point Siamese and Foreign Black - and to Corcats Nice One Cyril - the Ragdoll - with 'cattitude', and to Pippastro Majik Flute - Oriental Longhair. Also to Betty - Namrib Beautilicious - she shows us a Birman as she should be - We've had a 'ball' and we've loved every minute - and had wonderful times. Each one of you - and also those who I've not mentioned - you've shown the judges that Alters are true stars - and the quality has shone through throughout this entire show season.

We come to the last 3 shows - and know that soon the year is over. For some - they will come back out - and campaign again next year - for us - Altai will retire - one year for him - as with Kirov - they've given their best - and they've loved and hated parts of it - but above all - they've been our true stars - and for sure - they've made a mark on the Siberian world - For that we have to be grateful - and to have the joy of owning them and being able to see them each and every day - is the BEST feeling -

So - for those who show - we'll see you at the last 3 - and for those who don't - get out there and try it - even if its a Household Pet - its amazing the fun you'll have - as in TICA - its FUN, FELINES AND FABULOUS FELINES!!!

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