Thursday, 25 March 2010

Here Come the Girls!!! - part one.............

This time I want to introduce to you - our import girl - photos taken at 8 months - she is now 10 months old - and if and when I can get her to sit still for long enough - I'll upload some more photos!

Meldgaards Darya Darinja - from Denmark. Our thanks to Laila and Mads for this stunning girl. It was amazing to meet you - and to finally have Darya with us. What seemed like an eternity - has passed - and she is here in Scotland!

Darya is a Solid White Siberian - with Odd Eyes - a stunning combination - and one which has and will continue to have a great number of admirers.

She brings to the UK a new gene pool - and we hope that we will have babies from her at some point this year.

She has settled very well indeed - and her trip from Denmark whilst long, and tiring hasn't left any lingering effects. She is very 'laid back', beautiful temperament, and we are enjoying watching her explore.

She and Cali are hoping to 'beat up' the Alter Boys - and are already trying to 'Rule the Roost'. I am so pleased to welcome Darya here - and hope that you will love her too.

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  1. wow!!! I knew you had something up your sleeve, shes lovely, very unusual, nice big girl...hopefully some nice kittens, so I am assuming there will be some more additions soon even maybe a boy? x