Sunday, 5 December 2010

New Photos of the Hogwarts!

Chantaris Poppy Pomfrey

Chantaris Armando Dippet

Chantaris Horace Slughorn

Chantaris Salazar Slytherin

Chantaris Aurora Sinistra

Well, we have some updated photos of the Hogwarts - never easy to capture - but managed to get some photos the other day. They are growing really well, and are complete little devils. They are having lots and lots of fun, and enjoyed watching the snowflakes as they fell! They are now 9 weeks old - so 'into' everything - and loving every minute of it. They sleep on our bed - and are remarkably content - however Horace likes to waken you in the morning - combing your hair. I think he has ambitions of being a 'Teasy Weasy' hairdresser!

We plan to try and get some 'festive' photos of them - in the next couple of weeks - but in the meantime - here they are .........................


  1. All gorgeous! growing beautifully! I think my favourite is Poppy.

    D xx

  2. Ohhh so cute! Poppy is my favourite now- she is adorable!

    Xx Melanie

  3. What a wonderful litter Lesley. I love the coloured material you've used. It really sets them all off especially the white ones. Nice chunky little babes too. You must be proud.