Thursday, 26 May 2011

Been quiet - but lots happening!

Well, I've been very lax at posting, and have been busy - what with David deciding to try his hand at being Alan Titchmarsh and doing some splendid gardening - we now have an abundance of vegetables and herbs growing here - and just trying to catch up with things needing to be done.

May 2nd saw Kirov's 4th Birthday - which he celebrated in style, having a lazy day (as usual) coupled with mad half hours every so often.

May 25th saw Darya's 2nd Birthday - and she's developed so nicely since having her babies - maturing very well, and she's very special to us.

We have no kittens at present, but we do have plans -

I'll post up some photos later -

Meantime, thank you for visiting the Chantaris Blog!

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