Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Our first Chantaris Title!

Having had a break from showing for a few months, we found ourselves wanting to support the Northern TICA Show at Altrincham, but with little to show. So we decided to take 'our Poppy'.

We had a lovely show, and it was wonderful to meet Tavolga Sibaris of Snowgum - who had just arrived from Moscow, and who did fantastically well, finalling in 9 out of 10 Rings, including 2 Best Cats. Our congratulations again to Meadow (which is her new name) and to Melanie at Snowgum Siberians - Meadow is beautiful, and will go from strength to strength. It was a pleasure to share the Show and to be beaten by this beautiful Siberian.

Poppy had a great time, both in the hotel and at the Show, and finalled in 3 out of the 10 Rings - which we really hadn't expected at all. She even beat the male Siberian on the Sunday in 3 of the 5 Rings for 2nd Best of Breed! Given that he was a Brown Spotted Tabby, it was nice to see the Judges felt that a Solid White was good enough! The comments we received from the Judges were very positive indeed, and it gives us great hope for the future of our Solid White Breeding Program.

Poppy achieved her new Title -


We are very proud of her, and are thrilled, albeit surprised!

She joins her mother -

TICA Champion Meldgaards Darya Darinja

who are the only Solid White Siberians in UK and TICA EW Region to hold a Title. It makes us very proud to be owned by them, and we would like to thank both Laila and Milkana for the opportunity we had to have Darya and Ataman (Poppy's parents). Without these cats, none of this would be possible.

Thanks to everyone at the Show for making it a super weekend, and especially to Melanie and David, lovely to see you both again, and meeting Ethan was a thrill - he's a super boy - who'll break many hearts :)

The weekend was tinged with sadness, and we would like to pay tribute to RW SGCA Flutterby Dashing Hussar (Louis), owned by Steve and Janet - who was taken ill early on Sunday morning, and who unfortunately lost his fight for life later that afternoon. No words can express our feelings - he was a most wonderful boy - and at 2 years old - so very young. Our thoughts are with you and your family at this heartbreaking time.


  1. Congratulations Lesley and David. She's a beautiful girl and I'm not surprised she ended up with such a great title after just one show! She is a real asset to your program and will no doubt make a great contribution to the development of the white Siberians.

    It was lovely to catch up with you both and of course to meet the beautiful Poppy! Hope to see you all again soon.
    Xx Melanie

  2. Thank you Melanie - its exciting, as we always knew it would be a battle with the Solid White - but I feel the comments we had were very inspiring.

    Just make sure that we see Ethan again soon xx

  3. Well done Lesley :-) a definite show of Girl Power! xx

  4. Congratulations Lesley (and you Melanie) Poppy is a gorgeous girl, she looks stunning in the photo :) xx

  5. Thanks Denise. Poppy is such a sweet girl, and very special as our 'first born'. It is such fun to have her, and she had a lovely day, and made a lot of new friends - :)

  6. Thanks Jo. Yes 'Girl Power' and its lovely to see that girls can do well. x

  7. Congratulations to you all and especially the adorable Poppy. Another well deserved title to add to your many. Well done.x

  8. Thanks Jackie - she's so funny, and 'chats' when you call her name - I'm so glad we kept her, and her brothers of course - as Salazar is a complete 'headcase' and Armando is just such a loving boy. :)