Thursday, 17 November 2011

End before the beginning

Neva's Legend Obolensky (Lenya) thats me! - would like to announce that he has today been neutered - I'm a little confused right now - and feel a little lighter in weight for some reason - but Mum says that it is for the best - and that I will enjoy the life I deserve at Chantaris as a very pampered puss. It apparently means that Chantaris have some changes in plans - but that really doesn't mean much to me - and really I'm not that fussed, providing I get sufficient quantities of rabbit and chicks, my favourite treats - and lots of cuddles.

Scotland has even begun to grow on me - the language I am getting used to - and I hope it snows - as I really want to feel what that is like 'underpaw'.

So keep following our Blog - and my Mum will update you with all that is new - and even all that is old (that's her!!) -


Lenya xx


  1. Such a shame Lesley but you have done the right thing for him and your breeding, hopefully your future plans will not be affected to much :) Im sure he will enjoy being a pampered pet x

  2. Thanks Clare. Its been a hard decision, but the right one - and whilst it has 'scuppered' our plans - its not the end of the world. He's fit, healthy and a great cat - but for breeding, it wasn't right. So - we move forward, he's 'lording' it this morning - He's always been indoors, with no issues - and now we can continue to nurture and give him the life he deserves. x

  3. Pleased to hear you're feeling OK Lenya. I'm sure life at Chantaris will be....excuse the pun !!
    Not sure if you'll master the language though.
    Good luck on the snow, shouldn't be long now.

    Lesley you've done us proud. Keep up the hard work and be an inspiration to us all :)

  4. Lenya says 'och aye'! :)

    Thank you Jackie. You know this was a tough decision - but the right one. Thanks for your support during my 'mental' times :)

  5. The language is coming on a treat Lenya. You'll be fleunt very soon I'm sure :)

    Anytime Lesley. Listening is all it takes sometimes :))