Thursday, 16 July 2009

Louis is Home

Well, Louis came home yesterday afternoon, and last evening, we buried him in the garden, next to a Lilac tree. He is close to his old friend Viki - who died two years ago - aged 14. He was my moggy boy - and so they are now re-united. Viki has a stone flagstone and a wise owl watching over him. I'm going to choose a flagstone for Louis and a 'watcher' for him.

It was the brightest sunshine this morning - and the sun was shining right on that spot - and I thought - yes, thats where Louis would be right now - lolling in the sunshine. So we've had our conversations today - and I feel calmer now that he is home. Its where he knew, and where he belongs. He can see us, and we can see him - and he seemed so peaceful and comfortable when I saw him. The Royal Dick Vet staff were fantastic, they looked after him so well, both before he left us and after. I can't ever thank them enough.

He was a true star - and now there is an extra one up there in the sky -

For Louis - with love -

When God turns out the lights at night,
He looks down to make sure,
That we have enough light until morning,
But sometimes we need more.

So he adds another star or two,
From his little store,
And when they need replacing,
He reaches down for more.

The stars are all his animals,
He’s taken from below,
He doesn’t tell us which are ours,
We never ever know.

So if you have the chance tonight,
No matter where you are,
Take a look at the beautiful sky,
Its got a brand new star.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Louis the Bengal - 22.01.2002 - 14.07.2009

Louis the Bengal - had a bad reaction to his Annual Booster on Friday July 3 2009. He became ill late on the Sunday - high temperature and very lethargic. He was taken to the Vet Monday July 6 2009 and we began a course of treatment. On Friday July 10 they heard a heart murmur which hadn't been present before - and so hospitalised him and did a heart scan - had the Cardiologist visit. They then did an X-ray. They found a 'mass' in his chest - which had obviously compromised his immune system.

Louis went to the Royal Dick Vet College today - Feline Centre - which is fabulous. Within an hour of my leaving him - he was having an ultrasound and the 'mass' aspirated. It appeared to be Lymphoma.

There was the possibility of Chemo - however, his bone marrow had basically all gone, he had no neurofils left, his red blood cells were at 11.5 and he had no platelets. He had a temperature of 104.9 and was basically - later this afternoon thought to be in septic shock - or bordering on it. Due to the fact he had no platelets, there was a high possibility that with any needle he could have a huge 'bleed'.

Three Professors looked at him, his case notes and thought that whilst Chemo was a possibility - given the condition Louis was in - the fact that he had no defences at all - it would - in all probability - not work - or would turn out badly. They did however, offer the possibility - albeit it couldn't start until tomorrow - because of his veins - and there was a high possibility that he might not actually survive the next 24 hours.

Given everything - and the prognosis - possibly 7 - 9 months if Chemo were successful - and given that he was so compromised his chances of the Chemo being successful were not high - I made the decision to have him put to sleep. It is the hardest thing I've had to do in my life. My 18 year old son is devastated and has wept inconsolably since we had the family discussion. We were all agreed that we must do the right thing for Louis - and give him peace. The College said he was in some discomfort and had given him pain relief - I am sure that we have made the right choice for our boy - and the memories we have of him will last forever. He gave us much joy - and now he will give joy to those who meet him in the next world. He'll be waiting at Rainbow Bridge -

He comes home tomorrow - to be buried under a large tree in the garden - where we can watch him and he can watch over the things he loved - the birds, the squirrels and butterflies.