Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Chantaris Kittens - 3 weeks old - belated update!

Chantaris Aurora Sinistra
named after the Professor of Astonomy at
Hogwarts. She has her head in the clouds!

Chantaris Salazar Slytherin
Named after the Co-Founder of Hogwarts.
He's bossy!

Chantaris Armando Dippet
Named after a one-time Headmaster of
Hogwarts. He's bossy!

Chantaris Poppy Pomfrey
Named after Hogwarts School Nurse - she's
a true carer!

Chantaris Horace Slughorn
Named after the Potions Professor at Hogwarts.
His name is apt he's a 'hungry' Horace!

Well, the kittens were 3 weeks old on Friday 22 October - and so we have new photos of them. Its difficult to get them to stay still! They are all doing really well - they did have a Vet Health check last week - and the Vet is very happy with all of them and with Darya - who had of course gained a lot of weight prior to the birth - but has kept her condition really well, and is heavier now than she was and is looking pretty good considering she is caring for these 5 hooligans! Right now - weights are between 424 and 550 grams - the smallest two being the girls, but they are still a good size/weight - and we are more than happy with their development.

We are still deciding on names - not easy - but hopefully although they have their little 'nicknames' they will have their 'proper' names very, very soon!

So - here are some photos -


  1. Very sweet babies :-) they look like rascals on the photos! xx

  2. Gorgeous, lovely whites and your brown boy is gorgeous!
    D xx

  3. Thanks ladies - we are really pleased with them and having so much fun...........they are little podgers, and Jo - they are rascals for sure!

  4. Oh soooo sweet! I love the brown boy, he looks like he has attitude already! Very cute! Hope you are having lots of fun with them :-)

  5. Thanks Melanie - yes its SO much fun with them - they are very naughty little people! :)

  6. Love the names Lesley!! Very cute indeed! Also very fitting as I found our first litter magical too- the birth was amazing and moved me to tears! Breeding really is such a special thing to be able to be involved in isn't it. I feel blessed to be able to take part in the lives of each of our kittens.

  7. Thanks Melanie - After 20 odd years - its just so lovely to have kittens again - and we are really enjoying their crazy antics. I think that you become so involved in them and their little lives. Its wonderful!