Friday, 5 November 2010

Our Litter are Named - Chantaris are at Hogwarts!

Well, we didn't manage to get photos over the weekend, but hopefully will do over this coming weekend.

We have now named the litter - and this litter is our Hogwarts 2010 Litter.

We decided on this as the author of Harry Potter is of course J K Rowley and as she is of course Scottish (Edinburgh) - we are not a 'stone's throw' away - and so as our kittens are Scottish - we thought it apt that they become Harry Potter kittens - and so they are named after Hogwarts staff members - and our first Chantaris litter are - we feel - quite 'Magical'.

We've now added their names to their photos.


  1. Love their names :) Looking forward to update pics :)x

  2. Thanks Denise - SO hard to get good photos - as they never sit still :))