Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A 'Double Grand' time at Elsecar!

Well, for the first time - I ventured to a TICA show on my own. Travelling with Cali - to Elsecar, for the Two Day - NaturallyTICA show. It was lovely to be back, not having shown since early April this year.

For Cali, it was strange - as she had no cat company - but we had a nice time in the hotel, and she enjoyed her trip.

We'd like to thank the Show Team, Delsa, Michael and Katherine, plus numerous other helpers. Also, thanks to fellow exhibitors for 'taking the preverbial' and insisting that I was a NEW exhibitor! To the Judges - our thanks, it was nice to see Connie Webb back and also the Hammonds - as its some considerable time since they visited the UK. Robin Sessler and Lisa Dickie are always very informative, and Eduardo Borras is a Judge who likes to have fun.

Cali enjoyed the show, and came home a Double Grand Champion - so we'd like to thank everyone - our Black Silver Spotted girl is now -

Double Grand Champion Musrafy Caledonia Mist of Chantaris.


  1. Well done to Cali...and good to catch up with you. I was looking at the point system, now it has changed and appreciate how hard it is to get to this stage, so she is an amazing cat!
    Take care
    Shirley X

  2. Thank you Shirley. As we live in Scotland - we are 'isolated' status. So - we do require less points for Title - Its not something I agree with - but Scotland and Wales and of course Ireland are classed as 'isolated' due to the lack of shows and travelling distances. It was something I disagreed with - and feel that the whole of the UK should be 'as one'.

    Did Charlie make Champion? As he got his Final.

  3. Well done Cali and of course congratulations to her human slave, taxi driver and full time carer.