Thursday, 25 November 2010

Some updates on the Hogwarts!

Well, the kittens are growing and expanding their repertoire of what mischief they can get up to. Its funny to watch their antics and to wonder what they'll do next. They are all very much in favour of sleeping on our bed, and its interesting to suddenly wake up with a furry face purring in your own face. We are having such fun!

We've managed to snap - and I mean literally snap a few shots - as staying still for any length of time is something they aren't keen on - other than when they are asleep.

So - here you are - our photo which shows Horace giving us a right 'ticking off'!!


  1. Fancy letting them in your garden for a stroll?

  2. I think I might lose track of the white people - Horace I would find - but then again - since its over 2 ft deep - I think they would disappear never to be seen..............They've loved watching the snowflakes falling though! :)