Monday, 8 November 2010

New photos - 5 weeks old!

Chantaris Salazar Slytherin - 5 weeks old

Chantaris Horace Slughorn - 5 weeks old

Chantaris Aurora Sinistra - 5 weeks old

Chantaris Armando Dippet - 5 weeks old

Chantaris Poppy Pompfrey - 5 weeks old
So here we are - 5 weeks old - and our Mum says that we are 'little monsters'. NEVER!!!

Difficult for us to stay still for long enough to have our photos done - we like to be very naughty - and 'mess around'!!

Poppy was having a 'bad hair day', and we laughed at her............she does that - she messes round SO much - and is very naughty getting into things she ought not to - we think she probably needs some kind of special brush to help that hair! We're all enjoying our solid food, Royal Canin wet and dry and our raw food too! Poppy much prefers her RC Veterinary Weaning - thats her favourite, Armando and Salazar - they don't mind - they prefer wet and raw - Aurora - she likes wet and raw too - and Horace - he's naughty - he prefers raw!

We like the litter trays - they are great fun - OK - we know what they are for - but they are fun to play and dig in too!

So - here we are - 5 weeks................


  1. Lovely pictures Lesley. By the way Mums are always right !!
    Glad they're keeping you busy. Gorgeous babies.

  2. beautiful kittens...and crazy names...are you keeping any?

  3. Thank you girls!

    Jackie - yes Mum is always right!!

    Shirley - crazy matches us for sure!! :0)) I'm not sure at the moment what I'm doing - they could all stay................but then again - I'd double my cat population straight away!

  4. Congrats Lesley, on a beautiful litter of kittens!