Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cali - never ceases to amaze us.

Well, we took the long trip to Newbury last weekend to the Cattica show. It was lovely to be there once again - as I missed it last year, even though David managed to go with Altai. Great to see old friends, and make some new ones along the way. We had a lovely 3 night stay in the Hilton - and thank the Club very much for negotiating (as usual) a wonderful rate!

Cali - did us proud - finalling in 9 out of the 12 Rings. Amazing - given the quality of the cats being shown right now. Some gorgeous persians and especially Fahlberg Blue Diamond of Riascatz (Marie Hill) - the most wonderful cat! Some stunning Maine Coon, Exotics and Bengals of course. Not forgetting Gracie - who we'd not seen in a while - a most gorgeous Turkish Van. Way to go Gracie - Supreme Grand!!

Our thanks to Cali's judges, for their care in handling, and for allowing her into their Finals.

A quick snap of Cali - first thing Sunday morning - hall pretty much empty - with the exhibitors starting to arrive and Cali wondering what on earth she is doing there - out of bed - ungroomed (as yet) and not exactly 'raring to go'...........


  1. well done...sounds like a lovely day out...its a pity there arn't any shows nearer to you, it must get expensive!

  2. Well done Cali, lovely girl and getting better all the time. Congratulations Lesley.

  3. Thanks Shirley - it was a lovely weekend! The Shows - unfortunately 5+ hours is our closest - so if we don't travel - we don't show. We've been fortunate - as the cats love travelling - they have the big pen - and can have room to stretch etc. We generally have a problem trying to keep Kirov from getting into the carrier to get out to the car - as he wants to go ALL the time - but is retired!! Its something we enjoy - meeting our friends - and finding new ones - and its a nice break - just a weekend away - with a cat!! LOLOL

  4. Thanks Jackie - she is our little star - and although a quiet girl - she's got a strong character!