Wednesday, 16 February 2011

White Glory

Photo of Poppy - first thing on Sunday morning - watching exhibitors arrive!

Well, belatedly we wanted to update you with our exploits with the White babies at the Newbury Show. YES - we decided to 'bite the bullet' and enter them - and so Poppy, Armando and Salazar duly travelled with Cali to Newbury. They were amazingly good in the car on the journey - but having plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the passing scenery seemed to help. They loved the hotel, and were totally cool, calm and collected after the journey.

So to the show - Saturday morning - arrived early for Vetting In. No problem - and thank you to Karen the Vet for her lovely handling of the kittens and Cali.

We found there was another White Siberian kitten entered, a Brown Classic tabby and also a Blue Mackerel Tabby - such a pretty colour! So - we hoped that the showing experience would be good and that they wouldn't be too stressed or upset. Well - Salazar was an absolute idiot - meowing and crying - and wanting to get down on the floor in the Judges Ring - just to get off and play. Armando was a little more relaxed and amendable - and Poppy was just Poppy - doing what the Judge wanted and looking at the Judge and trying to 'curry' favour! Then when back into the 'holding' pen - she would sit and look and stare at the Judge and lift one paw as if to say 'pick me'.

We had a really nice weekend, and the kittens results are as follows -

Poppy - 2 x Best of Breed and 1 All Breed Final
Armando - 4 x Best of Breed and 2 Speciality Finals

Salazar - Dunce's Cap - but a prize for being the loudest Siberian at the Show!!

Right now - we've no plans to show them - but as with everything - plans can change.


  1. Well Done to all of them. I bet you were very proud of each and every one. They're lovely Lesley. x

  2. Thanks Jackie - it was fun - which is what its all about - We had some positive comments on the kittens - which was lovely, and Salazar was hilarious with his antics.